The Instagram challenge


It is now March (yeah, already...) and after seeing lots of people in Instagram post selfies and brand imaging with the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. Turns out, its a little instagram challenge (set up by the lovely Joanne Hawker) which you can take part in every day throughout March, to tell customers all about your business and your story. I am 2 days late with this (woops!), but as of tomorrow, I shall be taking part.

Please follow us over on Instagram and see what we get up to in our little studio. If you're not on Instagram, don'y worry, we have a little Instagram tab on our website.

This is the list:

At the end of the month, i will write another post and include all of the images from #marchmeetthemaker :)

This should be interesting...