Welcome to my new shop, and now.... my first ever blog!

I'll be up front straight away, I've never been a big writer, I struggled at school, and it wasn't until I went to uni that I got tested, and found out I had dyslexia. A bit disappointing, but it was kind of good to know the reason I struggled so much in school and at university.


This is my first blog and I am not entirely sure what to put in it if I'm honest, but I want it to be about me, and my interests and life. I will start off with a little bit about me and what I do:

My shop is my job. I completely love what I do, and I am lucky enough to run my own design business. It doesn't feel like a job as such, because i work for myself, and I really enjoy it.

 I actually set up my business during my Masters at university (yes I think I was mad, trying to run a business AND complete 2 MA's!). It started of pretty small, and luckily, only really kicked off the year I finished uni, but it still kept me going. I started with my shop on notonthehighstreet.com in 2012. I had a really small range, but this was mainly because university work was so hectic, I rarely had time to create new products. My orders kept me busy enough. I love looking back to how the business was created, at my desk at university :)

My MA's are in architecture, and as you know, architecture courses involve a LOT of model making. I became quite handy with a scalpel, and that’s how by business started, with personalised papercuts, all hand cut. But one day, I discovered a laser machine in one of the university workshops. Nobody was using it and I had never used one myself, so after a bit of a play around, I managed to figure it out, and began laser cutting more intricate designs.

(I know I'm skipping through a bit here, sorry)

So that's basically how by business started. In 2013, I was approached by NOTHS to design the trophies for the Make Do & Meet awards, held at the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden. It was such a privileged making these and it was so exciting to see my trophies being handed out on stage at the ROH, and seeing people uploading photos of the trophies, in pride of place in their studios.

Moving on to 2014. I was approached by a company called A Space For Art. They had a brief, and were looking for artists to create a bespoke window display for a big hotel in London's Belgravia. I made a concept model, and had a meeting at the hotel to present it to them, they instantly loved it, and I was given the job! I couldn’t quite believe it, this was certainly something I had never done before, and the window was huge. I designed the window display and it was installed at the start of December 2014. There was a big opening event for it, with many journalists and bloggers attending (no pressure hey?!). It want really well, and the display was featured in many publications, including The Independant's TOP 10 CHRISTMAS WINDOW DISPLAYS IN THE WORLD! alongside Claridge's, Browns Hotel, The Neon Museum In Las Vegas, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co in New York, and Barneys. The window display then went on to win the Most Creative window display award in Knightsbridge. WHATTTT :O

Belgraves Hotel, Belgravia, London. Christmas window display 2014 - winner

OK, moving on to the present. I decided to  finally open my own shop. It still has a way to go yet, but for my first attempt, I'm pleased with how its going so far. With the blog, its going to be completely about my interests and life. I studied architecture at university, so naturally i have a love for architecture. I have a passion for interior design and anything which is creative. I love art and fashion, so lets see what happens to the blog.

I shall leave it as that for now. But watch this space for more updates coming soon.

Have an amazing weekend


Terry Jackson